John Deere Cool-Gard™

John Deere Cool-Gard™ provides ultimate year-round protection for your cooling system

Are you using the right antifreeze/summer coolant?
Not if you haven’t matched the right product to the performance demands of your equipment. Heavy-duty cooling systems require special care and year-round protection. Unfortunately, many owners don’t service their cooling systems regularly. Or, if they do, they may believe that any automotive antifreeze or summer coolant will do the job.

But that’s simply not true. While most antifreeze/coolants will prevent freeze-up or boil-over, they don’t perform adequately in heavy-duty machines. They can’t provide the balanced protection a cooling system needs to operate efficiently under extreme pressures and temperatures, and with high volumes of flowing engine coolant.

Why choose John Deere Cool-Gard over other products?
John Deere Cool-Gard is a fully-formulated, heavy-duty antifreeze/summer coolant that's specifically engineered to match the performance requirements of John Deere equipment. It is the same antifreeze used in new John Deere machines. In fact, our engineers highly recommend it for use in all heavy- and light-duty diesel, natural gas, and gasoline engines, including automobiles.

John Deere's formulation includes:
- Balanced inhibitor system to protect against corrosion of aluminum, copper, and brass components, ensuring long system life.

- Anti-cavitation additives to prevent cylinder liner cavitation erosion, coolant leakage into the engine oil, and engine failure.

- Alkalinity and buffer additives to prevent acid buildup and acidic corrosion, yielding extended coolant life.

- Unique polymers to guard against scale formation and corrosion, providing longer water pump seal life and reduced internal pump erosion.

- Surfactants to suppress coolant foaming, maximizing the ability of the coolant to transfer heat.

John Deere Cool-Gard is available in two forms — concentrate, which must be mixed with water for proper freeze protection, and pre-mix (ready-to-use), which contains 50 percent demineralized water and has a freeze point of -34 ºF. (-37 ºC). Both forms have a service life of 5 years/5,000 hours.

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